More clowning from JennyThese stories have been built into hour-long shows and include many of Jenny’s other abilities, such as juggling or balloon modelling.

Dressing Up

The most popular – suitable for three to eight-year-olds – is the Clown Story. About five minutes of story, followed by Jenny trying to dress up as a clown. The clothes are in a big black bag. Is it haunted? She was sure she heard a ghost, but perhaps it was just the children making a noise.

When she finally gets the clothes out, she becomes inexplicably caught up in them, and the children help her to get them on properly. The last thing out of the bag is a bag of juggling balls, with which Jenny then juggles.

Space Explorer

Henry ends up on a space journey by mistake – he is a stowaway! Will he ever get home?

When he discovers that the only way the crew will return is if they find aliens, there seems to be only one solution – and he becomes a green alien.

His troubles are still not over, as the Lieutenant is determined to kill the Captain. However, Henry saves the captain and manages to get home.

The only trouble is that everyone thinks he is an alien…